Things learnt in zh3r0


in order to uncipher , first, you need to identify them

base16 0-9a-f (blocksize 2)
base32 A-Z2-7 (blocksize 8)
base64 0-9a-zA-z+/ (blocksize 4)
base85 0-9a-zA-Z!#$%&()*+-;<=>?@^_{|}~` (blocksize 1)

the padding for 32, 64 bases is ‘=’

In one the challenges, ‘Uncipher me’, I came across this..

Are your rots strong.

<6Ji :"+:;v5@)\_96AGaH?u+~&D%(&\GeIJv(JB$2?0Afdrtl
w6C6VD 2?@E96C <6J 7@C E96 6?4CJAE:@?]
:7 J@F 2C6 2 8@@5 4CJAE@8C2A96C J@F 42? :56?E:7J E96 4@>>@? DJ>>6EC:4 6?4CJAE:@?]

Its rot47, just incase : how do i identify it without the hint??
The message uses ASCII characters. It contains common letters as 6 or t which are the ciphered values of E and e. –

given ciphertext:

In a writeup, it said it was a common symmentric encryption, fernet (I didnt even know it till I read it)
We can identify it by the gAAAAhead.

nice one– Double fish writeup
ciphers learnt : deadfish, blowfish

RSA attack learnt: Franklin reiter Related message attack

In a chall got saw some raw data:


It’s base64 right? but all i got is :
` ���P����flag.txtUT ���^���^ux ����[oq�S ؼ݊���������\H���ۥ��0oP����%PK ���P����▒��flag.txtUT���^ux ��PKNw⏎ `
it looks like there is a flag.txt file …but where is it??? :(
Apparantly I learnt that zip files can be encoded to bas64 too..
Soo the above data when decoded , we get a zip file in which lies the flag.txt file :)